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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.


Vital Info

Shawna (rukidding)

April 9, 2011

Modesto, California

September 28, 1969

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Thyroid Cancer


February 26, 2011

I'm afraid I'm going to die...

Nothing positive yet...

Offer hope and encouragement...

Lymph nodes and ???

Fatigue, cough, hoarseness, transient difficulty swallowing, sore throat, nausea, change in bowel habits

Thyroidectomy with neck dissection scheduled May 9, 2011



Shawna's Cancer Blog

Hi Ho, hi ho it's off to surgery I go...

Needless to say, not much sleep last night. Dying of thirst...nothing to drink since midnight, but for me that's HARD I drink (water, diet soda) like a FISH. I know we've all been through this. Waiting for the babysitter to come so I can leave for the hospital. Afraid of the pain this time...usually I'm really tolerant, but I've been such a baby lately, plus since my last surgery they found out I'm allergic to Morphine so don't know what the alternative is like...oh well, yeah for some good sleep (I hope) Take care all, see you on the other side (of this)...
atomicmeow threw a punch at your cancer.
itslisab, darra1960 sent you a prayer.
garlandkat sent you a hug.
I'll pray that all goes well with the surgery and that they find the correct pain killer for you! Take caare, Sandyjo
My prayers are with you and I hope they give you some pain medication you can tolerate. Good Luck.
I'm the same way about the water, my tongue even sticks to the roof of my mouth if I go without for long! Praying for a quick, smooth recovery! Take Care, Lisa
Waiting to hear, Shawna. Hope all went well. Andrea
Happy, happy Birthday!! I hope you are doing OK. Let us know how you are! Hugs and sunshine, Sandyjo
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Well, so much for my fun weekend...

So, Friday night I got the youngest had had it earlier in the week and I had been taking care of him hoping beyond hope I would NOT get sick especially with my surgery coming up monday (tomorrow)...Luckily my little one was quite the trooper and bounced back none the worse for wear...however, it hit me like a ton of here I am Sunday night (Mother's Day night) no movie, no dinner, no games, no fun food...just a lot of the stuff that comes with the flu...I am feeling a better today (yippee, just in time to lay on my back some more...) Oh, and I have been taking care of my husband today cuz, guess what? he's not feeling so hot today! So in a weird way I am looking forward to my surgery tomorrow so at least I can get some good meds and get some good sleep at least for a little while...
darra1960 sent you a prayer.
darra1960 sent you a hug.
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Surgery Monday and other musings...

First things first, thanks again to all of you for your support. I REALLY appreciate it. I've been kinda laying low for a little while as I'm just on emotional overload... I did have a conversation, if you want to call it that, with my dad a few days ago. He told me they (my mom and dad) have their own things going on money woes and soforth, they have enough dealing with that. He also told me it is probably my fault I got cancer because I have smoked (cigarettes) (so does he, by the way) and he says my doctors probably should have told me that. So here is what I have learned (finally) the well of their support is dry! My husband still continues to be amazing, I will be grateful for that! I am planning on having a wonderful mother's day with my children. We are going to see Hoodwinked 2 on Saturday and then out to dinner at Fresh Choice. Sunday we are having a movie and family game day at home. And then surgery on Monday (how's that for timing)... I worry about the world, that we don't take care of each other enough, but the best I can do about that is raise my children in such a way that they have compassion and empathy and they will never turn their back on someone who needs help, be it emotional or physical help... I hope everyone finds a little happiness this weekend...
mousse, itslisab sent you a hug.
Happy Mother's day. I am glad youare spending it with your kids. Their support & your husband's will help get you through this. I hope and pray you find a lot of happiness and sunshine this weekend so you can go into surgery thinking positive! Hugs and prayers, Sandyjo
I think your parents are probably afraid, sometimes people don't know what to say. My father's friend had anal cancer and my father told me he didn't want to call him cause he didn't want to say the wrong thing. I told him to just listen. Be there for him. Enjoy the weekend, happy mother's day and good luck on Monday, let us know how you're feeling :) Take care.
Good luck on Monday! Happy Mothers Day to you! Concentrate on your wonderful family and not the negative thoughts from your parents. We all are here for you in the next couple months as you go down this journey...
Reading your post. . . brought back memories of 2 years ago as I had my thyroidectomy the Monday after Mother's Day. I celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday - so that I could have more "normal" food as I went with a very light diet for the Sunday before, my surgery was at 7:30 am! I hope you have a wonderful day with your kids. . . I hope you can find peace with your parent's "non-support" and understand this is just how some people (even if they are the parents) are. Big hugs and prayers coming your way, post when you can to let us know how you are. -Kathy
Have a great Mother's Day and a speedy surgery.
I really like what Stefanie said! Don't worry about your parents. I know, harder said than done, but your husband and children love you more than anything and that is what's most important! :) That sounds like a great Mother's Day, my kids and I loved the first Hoodwinked! Take Care of yourself, Lisa
Hi Shawna, Families can be complicated. But it looks like you have a lovely Mother's Day coming up. You will be glad when the surgery is over, and those nasty cells will be out of your body. Be well. Andrea
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